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I’ve had the privilege of sharing my life with many wonderful Dobermans, and they’ve been a great source of Joy to me and my family.
This kennel was founded to produce champions for both show and working purposes. As a person who was frequently placed in perilous circumstances, I required a dog who would defend me no matter what the situation demanded. After many years and lengthy searching, I have finally located high-quality dobermans who
would unquestionably guard their owner.

Wesson, Mississippi-based breeding that offers a super limited selection of high-graded European Dobermans.
Not only are our studs and females very healthy they e built with thick muscling and boninUnlikeike American Breeding. incredibly strong, Intelligent, Easy to train and take on any job they’re given wienthusiasmiam.


All dogs in our breeding program have been health checked (through Embark) for all known Doberman genetic concerns

Hips – Hip Dysplasia (Definitive)

Hip testing reduces the chance of passing down hip dysplasia, which is primarily found in large breed dogs and can cause hip pain and the eventual loss of the function of the hip joint.

Eyes – Eye Certification (OFA CAER)

Eye testing reduces the chance of passing down a wide range of hereditary eye illnesses including retinal dysplasia, lens luxation, and glaucoma, which can cause impaired vision or blindness.

Thyroid – Thyroid (Autoimmune Thyroiditis)

Thyroid testing reduces the chance of passing down hypothyroidism, which can cause a variety of symptoms including obesity, hair loss, skin problems, and mild to severe pain.

Other – Dentition
We perform additional tests on our dogs that do not fall into these general categories. These tests may be more uncommon or very specific to this particular breed.

Genetics – Genetic Diversity Test, GenSol Diagnostics DNA Testing, Full Embark Panel, Dilated Cardiomyopathy 1 (DCM1)
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Genetic testing reduces the chance of passing down a wide variety of hereditary diseases of differing prevalence and severity such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (an eye disease) and Von Willebrand’s Disease.


All of our puppies are raised by responsible breeders, but we require a health check report to be filled in shortly before your puppy comes home to you to ensure that your puppy is healthy and the check was recent. This report is then reviewed internally for any issues or concerns noted by the breeder’s veterinarian. Once you get the puppy home, we require you to bring him or her to your own veterinarian within three (3) business days of arrival of your puppy. This Veterinary Health Report (VHR) is designed to examine all aspects of the puppy’s health.

Breeder Screening

Every member of our breeder community must pass a comprehensive, proprietary 100+ point screening process that goes above and beyond USDA and state regulations. For that very reason, we accept fewer than 10% of all potential breeder applicants.


Finding the perfect puppy starts with a happy home, which is why we only work with responsible breeders, screened and vetted by our compliance team. We have a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills or substandard breeding of any kind. A Puppy Mill is a substandard source for puppies that places profit above the welfare of its animals. A Puppy Mill is not only inhumane and cruel, but also typically operates in violation of the law or government regulations. Puppy Mills need to be shut down. Period.